Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Whiskey, Dessa, and Fly tying

Once again it's been a while, but once again I've nada to report.  Chicago isn't what I was expecting.  I have neither money nor time to explore too much.  I've played with the lake and river and pond or two and haven't had any luck.  I finally broke my skunk streak a week ago with some gills out of North Pond in Lincoln Park.  Not too exciting but I was actually really happy.  Reason #524 to love bluegills!  I picked up a Cabela's Three Forks 3 wt last fall and I've gotta say it makes the bluegills a lot of fun.
I know Cabela's rods aren't the greatest (or so people say) but I actually really like them.  For the price I don't think they can be beat.  To qoute Fishing Jones..." We fish econo."  Sure I'd love to have a brand new Helios or Z- Axis but it aint gonna happen on my salary!  I'm glad I found my Orvis Clearwater 9 wt on Craigslist.  
Cool thing though is that I met the guy who runs Chicago Trout Bum by chance the other day.  Works at the Orvis store down on Michigan Ave.  I've been in there once or twice but I avoid Mich Ave when I can.  Their average clientele are a bunch of rich jagoffs but the guys who work there seem pretty cool.  Anyways, David was a really nice guy.  We talked local spots for a few minutes and I learned a bit about why I've had such a hard time up here.  It seems there isn't a whole lot going on in this city.  
I hope over the summer (if it ever shows up) to go to more county parks.  Reports may be more about cylcling or "hiking" than fishing but I'm trying.  The wife an I have decided to set in motion some actions to possibly move back to Atlanta in the next year.  This just doesn't seem to be working for us.  If that does happen, I plan to become much more involved and try to do some things on a larger scale as far as the Urban Outdoors thing goes.  Here's hoping.  Until then I'll likely be very sporadic as far as posts go.  
Thanks to everyone who follows this blog and thanks for all the support and encouragement I always get from you.  I hope to meet everyone of you one these days.  Good luck and get the hell outside!


  1. Dude-
    Check out CHIFLY.com. These guys are really cool. They will give you some good local spots to fish for smallies. I will try to get over there this summer and we can hit the lake. The rock bank by the cemetary north of Lalo U is supposed to be good. I have also heard good stuff on the Fox river.

  2. Hi there,
    Adjustment is always difficult, but it's really not for you and yours "get the hell out of there" to paraphrase a little. Me thinks that you'd be far happier if you did this.

  3. There cant be many things worse than not being able to fish a decent spot once a week.Chin up brother.Life is like a field of cow pats.....you just don'y know whether you'll stand in one,and Chicago sounds like one of those cow pats.

  4. Just stumbled across the blog and must confess my addiction to bluegill and other panfish. Best wishes from Colorado.