Thursday, September 24, 2009


Our base camp for days 3 and 4 was right below Lower Basswood Falls.  We spent our first day there exploring our little point and fishing the falls and island.   We caught a good number of smallmouths on both fly and spin,  and lost even more.  

We kept a few for dinner.  Sometimes you've just got to.
I cooked these up wrapped in foil with butter and Jack Daniels.  We even put some crunched Pecans in with it for a twist.  Usually I put in onions but we forgot them.

And Mike caught the smallest fish of the week!

So day 3 was a great fishing day.
Day 4 not so much.  Dad and I decided to go back up Horse river to a couple of pools we had seen on the way up.  It had rained that night and I think it changed the rules of the game on us.  We tried everything but the smallies were no where to be found.  It picked up in the afternoon though and we brought in a few smalls and pike.  Dad hooked up with something big that straightened out the treble on his rooster tail and shook it.  I lost a decent pike on a black wooly bugger.  I wasn't expecting pike and he cut my tippet.  Crazy part was that I watched the same fish try to hit the spinner I ran through the pool 5 times!  I could see the black bead head in his mouth!

The campsite was great.  We had the sound of the falls in the background,  a great open view across the lake, and the best neighbors ever:

And one more photo just because I like it:

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